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Akai Mpc Studio Software Crack

sony vegas pro graphics and I can't get HD screen to turn off during low power saver yes I found on web site that I need ATI HD 3000 but not sure if that is my graphics card or what really I've had it for ages i would say it is your card, however you can use the open source radeon driver if you want u know what really annoys me about ubuntu is it's so complex and confusing for the most simple tasks like ffs turn the HD screen off during low battery saver but so complex for everything else that is so unusefule I have found the option but for me it is too complex and is always changing from ubuntu 12.04 I just want to turn off the HD screen while I am on low battery with out using any powerfull features sorry for many questions but I love ubuntu I just have very limited computer knowledge and I want to do what I want not to do what some one who knows something else wants where are the files for kern.log stored? tlp say they're there but I don't see them no one

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